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The week of celebration! And my new art space!

May 14, 2017

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone! I had a super good day. The boys wrote me some super sweet cards and got me candy, which they ate some of after I had properly received it as a gift. I love getting teenager gifts. Gabe woke up early to give me my card, which was a blue piece of paper folded in half with a letter inside. He made no attempt to draw on it or embellish it in any way, which makes me laugh.  Dre slept in until I got back from yoga, but his card had a sweet little drawing of flowers and hearts, and a big bear giving a little bear a heart. He certainly gets artistic talent from me, but not motivation or discipline, haha! The even allowed me to take a mostly nice picture of all of us together, which is basically a twice a year occurance – Mother’s Day and Christmas. All the other times of the year, it’s terrible faces or blurs.

I sure do like these brats!

This week is extra special because it’s not only Mother’s Day, it’s also Jeff and I’s wedding anniversary and my birthday! It’s basically a week of celebrating! 😀 This does mean Jeff is on the hook for a lot of gifts and surprises in a row, hehe! However, he is basically a gifting genius so he won’t have any trouble there. Today he gave me anniversary/Mother’s Day gifts rolled into one – some super cute little plants and crystals to decorate my new art space with (spoiler!) a beautiful necklace and earrings because I wanted some more accessories for my new job (Visual Designer at an ad agency, I’ll make a post about it later in the week!) gorgeous flowers, and a freaking awesome book called In The Company Of Women, all about creative women entrepreneurs! He really knows what I like.

Sooooo all that is icing on the cake, because I also got another amazing gift this weekend… a new art space! I’ve been doing a lot of watercolor painting lately, and it’s been a little bit of a pain…. because I don’t have a dedicated art space, so I’ve been moving my painting stuff around to the dining room table, the couch… and it takes up a lot of space. Our house isn’t very big, and it is also already full of our enormous amount of stuff. I already have a big dedicated makeup space in our bedroom, and an even bigger sewing area. But no art space. Jeff and I took a critical look at our living room and decided if we moved all the furniture, we could fit a desk into the corner. So we took a trip to IKEA to find one. This turned into a trip where we got a new desk, lamp, and shelf for my art area, and a rug for the kitchen table, some stuff for the kitchen, picture frames… you know, pretty much what always happens at IKEA. We ended up completely rearranging the living room, which now actually somehow has more space… and going through everything in the living room/dining room, getting rid of a bunch of stuff, and organizing everything.

So, now I have a rad new art space and a cleaner and more organized house!

It is soooo nice to have a dedicated art space too! I got started on a painting right away, of course. 🙂

The only problem is, now that the living room and dining area is so clean, we feel like we need to go through our Rec room, where we have the Playstation and my sewing area, and a bunch of storage… which will be an even bigger task! But now that Jeff is out of Grad school, our weekends will have a lot more free time… so I guess this is our summer plans!


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