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Two yoga teachers in the family!

February 3, 2017


Well, maybe not two yoga teachers just yet, but it’s coming! I like to listen when the Universe talks to me, and lately it feels like it’s yelling! Jeff and I started going to the CorePower yoga studio close to our house a few weeks ago. We really liked the classes and they were offering a great first time membership deal, so we signed up for a monthly membership. Those of you who know us personally know that Jeff has been a yoga teacher for many years and he’s really, really good at it. Our relationship has given me the added benefit of having a live-in personal trainer, which has been great for my yoga practice! However, I never considered becoming a teacher as well.

But the Universe clearly has other plans for me. About a week ago we went to a class in the evening, and the teacher and I got to chatting. She mentioned that they were starting yoga teacher training, or YTT soon and asked if I wanted her to email me the info. In the past when people have asked if I wanted to do teacher training, I had zero interest. However, this time it felt really intriguing. I asked her to send me the info. As I was discussing the prospect of doing YTT with Jeff over the next few days, she sent me a text offering me a scholarship to the YTT program. Now, this was out of the blue and also amazing, since YTT is expensive and I’ve never heard of anyone getting a scholarship to do it. I obviously accepted gratefully. So now, in a very short time, I’ll be starting up my yoga teacher training.

I’m very excited and humbled to be able to do something so rewarding! It’s certainly going to be a lot of work but it will really level up my yoga practice. Jeff is of course super happy for me – he’s in a difficult semester of grad school right now so I will be able to focus on my training and he can focus on his course work in the evenings. I can’t wait to see how ripped and flexible I am after the 8 weeks – I’m required to attend 60 yoga classes!!!! So cool. Thanks, Universe!

I’d like to mention all this happened right at the same time I decided to launch my leggings line, SparklePriestess Clothing. Now, we’re still working hard on Humble Magic shorts for guys, but starting a line from scratch with no startup capital or manufacturing experience takes time. (We’re currently having our base pattern graded by the factory and putting together our Kickstarter campain) But anyways, like most of my NorCal peers, I live in leggings. I wear them all the time for working out, and basically as pants. I also like them to be awesome, colorful and unique. I had a revelation one day that since I’m an artist and I know what I want to wear, I should just make my own leggings.

sparklepriestess leggings

I did some research and found a great company in Canada that can make them for me and dropship them to customers. I set up a website quickly with Shopify, and started taking orders.

I love that I can make amazing leggings that I want to wear, and share them with others. With the dropshipping model, I don’t have to keep inventory so there’s no financial danger for me of having to put out a big outlay of money, and then try to sell my inventory to make it back. Each legging is made to order for my customer, and then shipped directly to them. And since I don’t have to make minimum wholesale purchases, I can make and release new styles as fast as I can design them. I can also make changes to existing designs quite quickly. Like the style below – I realized that I wanted the gradient to go the other way after getting a sample – and I had the new replacement design on the website in 15 minutes.  It’s really a perfect fit.

So it seems like my life is being gently nudged in the yoga lifestyle direction – we’ll see what comes of it! But in the meantime, I’m excited to join the ranks of yoga teachers and super excited that I can create a wardrobe of custom printed leggings to match the rest of my hand made wardobe!

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