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Visit to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab!

December 29, 2016

Bite Beauty Lip Lab Valley Fair

Omg guys, I got to visit the Bite Beauty Lip Lab at Valley Fair this week and make a custom lipstick. I found out about this from the Bite Beauty rep who visited us at Sephora a while back. It’s a boutique where you can go make a custom Bite lipstick. Y’all know that I love makeup and I love making things, so this was high on my list of things to do.

We were at the Valley Fair mall doing some post Christmas shopping, so I took my opportunity to go in while the boys were checking out some jeans at MCM. The Bite Beauty Lip Lab is very modern and upscale looking, with a long marble counter and white tile in the lipstick lab area, and chic grey paint on the walls. The girls are all cute hipsters with nice makeup, of course.  They offer 2 types of service – the 1st is to choose a base color from nearly 200 shades, and then pick a finish from 4 options, and a scent from 9 options. This costs $55 for one lipstick or $80 for 2. The 2and option is to create 2 fully custom shades using multiple colors, and this one costs $150. I chose the first option for both money and time reasons.

Bite Beauty Lip Lab Valley Fair

I asked if we could make a lipstick shade to match the new periwinkle colored Le Spec shades that I had just picked up at Nordstroms. Luckily, they had a shade that was close! I chose the base to be the Amuse Bouche formula, which is a satin finish, and added a Vanilla scent.

Bite Beauty Lip Lab Valley Fair

The lipstick artist mashed together some of the pigment base into a small container with the lipstick base mixture, and some of the vanilla scent. Then she heated it up with a microwave for a few seconds, and stuck it into a machine that whirled it around at high speed for about a minute to mix it all up. Next she prepared the lipstick mold, and poured the hot lipstick mixture into it carefully.

Bite Beauty Lip Lab Valley Fair

Then she put the lipstick mold on a cooled surface to set for about 7 minutes. When the time was up, she carefully removed the top half of the mold and placed an empty lipstick bullet over the end of the lipstick.

Bite Beauty Lip Lab Valley Fair

Bite Beauty Lip Lab Valley Fair

And that was it! I didn’t get any good photos of the lipstick in it’s cute little packaging, because at this point the boys showed up looking for me and I needed to hurry out. But it was so fun and awesome! Here’s what it looks like!

Bite Beauty Lip Lab Valley Fair

How cool is that? Now I feel extra cool when I wear my custom lipstick and shades together. It’s very opaque and creamy too – it lasted for hours on me! I will totally go back and do that again. Another nice thing is that they save your info in their system, so you can go back and reorder the custom shade you made.

In other news, I thought I would give y’all a quick recap of Christmas. We had nice quiet day – Jeff woke up before all of us, and woke me up, and then we got the kids up and made coffee. We all opened our presents which was really fun. I think the kids were pretty happy with everything they got – various shoes, clothes and electronics stuff. Jeff and I each got each other some nice clothing and accessories such as belts and jewelry and stuff. I commissioned a calligraphed poem for him as well, and also had my mom help me make him a fairy garden. And of course he got me some makeup too 🙂 He got me the Urban Decay Moondust palette, the Urban Decay Blackmail Vice lipstick palette, and the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette. I made a Youtube video of my first impressions and a look I created with them!


Here’s some highlight pics –

How freaking cute is this mug??

Sammy got a doggie cookie from Jeff’s mom!

Here’s the little fairy garden I made for Jeff! How cute are these little ceramic deer? I ordered them from like Indiana or some place.

Here’s the poem I had made for him. The calligraphy is by @Drawnbylinu on Instagram, and the poem is original by @Thestuzy on Instagram. It’s really special because Stuart ( the poet) has never sold a poem before, this was his first. The artist, (Linu) is a sweet and talented girl I’ve been following for a while. They sent me the most lovely thank you note with the poem, and Linu also made me a beautiful version of “Hope” by Emily Dickinson which I framed for my mom.

Here’s a gorgeous pink marble ring and beautiful sweater coat that Jeff got me from one of our favorite boutiques, Therapy in Mountain View. Anywhoo, the rest of the day we chilled and made food, and it was quite relaxing! All in all, a very good Christmas! I highly recommend visiting the Bite Beauty Lip Lab at some point too!

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