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May 4, 2017

Heeeeeey everyone! I’ve been away – obviously. Life got super busy for a while there! My yoga teacher training at CorePower Yoga took up a huge amount of time. I’m happy to report that I finished all of the teacher training classes! Now I just need to finish up taking the huge number of required yoga classes that go towards my teaching certificate. Since I have a full life with work, freelance, sewing and kids, it’s a slow process for me.

I’ll give some brief updates about several topics and then show off some are I’ve been doing recently!

The Blog – I’m moving Making Something Rad away from a couple’s lifestyle blog and back to a more personal journal of my life, art, and sewing projects. While I’ll still write about the things Jeff and I do together, (because it’s a huge part of my life) I realized I’m more motivated to write about my projects – and Jeff wants to start his own blog writing about the things that interest him – spiritual subjects and personal motivation.

Life – I finished (mostly) YTT, JEFF GRADUATED FROM GRAD SCHOOL!!! This is so awesome, Jeff has been pursuing his Master’s degree since we met. He just graduated! I’m soooo proud of him, and how he will actually have time to do stuff. (Not like he didn’t already do a million other things anyways.) The kids are doing very well, Dre got a job that he’s loving, Gabe is very into D&D and hosts weekly sessions at our house. And, everyone in the house got a haircut! Me, Jeff, the kids… even the dog! We’re all short for Spring. 🙂

I’m working one day a week at Sephora so I can satisfy my love of makeup, and I’ve moved into doing freelance almost full time. I contract with Intel, and various other startups and companies. I’m also doing very well with SparklePriestess leggings!

SparklePriestss Leggings – Wow, I’ve sold a lot of leggings! I started SparklePriestess leggings on a whim and didn’t realize how much people would love them. It’s not a full time job by any means, but I make several sales a month. Also, I love them! I pretty much stopped wearing any other leggings. 🙂

SparklePriestess Midnight Angel Leggings

Humble Magic Shorts – Soooo close! We still have everything lined up to go. We had to stop working on the company while Jeff was doing his last semesters of school – he just didn’t have the bandwidth to focus on the amount of decision making and sheer time it is going to take to get production started. Hopefully we can get Humble Magic off the ground this summer! Jeff still wears the production samples to every yoga class, and our product testers love their pairs too!

And now, here’s some artwork I’ve been doing! I’ve been loving creating these loose, colorful watercolor and pen illustrations lately. Not only is it relaxing, but I just don’t have time right now to do detailed drawings – too much freelance work. Doing a few of these expressive drawings a week helps keep me grounded and creative for the more time-consuming design work I need to do! I’ve been thinking of starting to sell art prints from the blog! Thoughts? Ideas? Would you buy them??


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  • Reply Shannon D May 6, 2017 at 5:41 am

    It was great to have an update and see that you’re doing well! The art prints are lovely. I think they would would sell.

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