Making Something Rad is a creative resource blog about art and design.

Do you have the will but not the skill to make design assets for your small business? I share actionable tips, how-to's and inspiration to create great looking graphics and simple and fun art projects. You don't need a suite of expensive, hard to learn design tools to get started designing - one of my favorite tools to use is Canva, a free, drag and drop graphic design web app. I love it because it's so accessible and easy to learn for non-designers! Check out my blog for some great tutorials.

Find me on Etsy! You can grab my digital downloads for art prints, digital clip art, and pre made card designs. Instant gratification!

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Watercolor crystal canva assets making something rad

Love watercolor crystals?

Download my free watercolor crystal assets to make your Canva designs more magical! Not just for Canva, you can use them with any design program.

Download the watercolor crystals!

These watercolor crystal assets will make your Canva designs magical!

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Hey! I’m Rachel - I’m an artist and designer living in the Bay area.

I’m a constant maker - I love to create. I love to teach people how to make things and share the skills I’ve spent a lifetime perfecting. In my experience, every single person has a creative spark inside them - that’s why I’ve created Making Something Rad.

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