32 quick and easy ideas for photos to post to social media

Posting engaging photos to social media can be a hassle if you’re a busy entrepreneur or small business owner.

It’s hard enough to remember to take the time to post pictures on multiple platforms every day, never mind brainstorming ways to make them unique and engaging.

Even though I literally make beautifully designed things almost every day, I still find myself not keeping up with a decent posting schedule!

It might be tempting to just let posting photos to social media go - just write it off as a frivolous, unnecessary task that you don’t need to do.

However, that’s a losing strategy.

32 quick and easy social media post ideas

There’s a plethora of data that shows users - and that means customers - are on social media. Like, a lot. And that’s where they are looking for products and services.

Today’s consumers like to be marketed to in an authentic, casual way. They don’t like to be screamed at from the TV. The like to be inspired, to be captivated by lifestyle branding. And that means that if you’re a small business or creative entrepreneur selling products or services, you need to be posting engaging photographs on social media to entice your clients.

I know, I know. You’re already spending every waking moment of your day on your business - and probably a million other things like family, health, pets, and other obligations as well.

I’m certainly not the most amazing person at keeping up with my social media - sometimes I don’t post for days at a time! And that’s foolish, because practically all of my website traffic and referrals come from my social media.

I know I need to get better at it, and you probably do to. So I’ve created a list for both of us to use - 32 quick and easy ideas for photos to post on social media. (There’s also some video ideas in there too!)

Now, most of us are taking the photos and posting with our phones, so I thought I would list my favorite capture and edit apps as well. These are the apps I use ALL the time to take great photos and edit them in that extra bright, super styled social media type of way.

Here’s my favorite phone apps -

  • Snapseed - The best for adjusting the photo’s lighting, brightness, contrast. Etc. Easy to use, and never looks overdone.
  • Over - Awesome for adding beautiful text overlays on photos.
  • Pixlr- Has a lot of really fun overlays, clip art, and effects.
  • Airbrush - This will give you that Insta-perfect look. Don’t overdo it! You can also use this to edit out weird stains on your wall or carpet, funky lighting effects, and stray hairs - as well as wrinkles. ;)
  • Action Director- This is an awesome, easy to use app for creating great little videos!

Now, let’s get to the list!

Here’s 32 quick and easy suggestions for creating interesting, engaging photographs of your work, your services, or your process. These posts will show your potential clients who you are and what you do, giving you great positioning as a real, trustworthy expert in your field.

1. A picture of your work space from above

2. A close up of one of you tools

3. A top down shot of the tools you use

4. A picture of the waste or scraps from your project - pencil shavings, fabric trimmings, etc

5. A picture of your hands working on something

6. A picture taken by someone else (or your phone timer) of you working on a project

7. A photo taken while shopping for supplies

8. A candid shot of you while on the phone with a client (Gotta have a buddy for this one - or another camera with a timer!)

9. A close up of your your work in progress - just an interesting detail, not the whole thing.

10. A picture or video of packaging your product for a client

11. A picture that your client posted of the product they recieved

12. Your hands holding a product you are shipping out over the mailbox or waiting to be taken by the post office

13. A close up of your thank you card or marketing materials sent with the package - postcard, sticker, etc

14. A collection of finished products waiting to be sent off

15. A top down shot of assembled materials or supplies to begin a new product or series of products

16. A short screen capture video or GIF of a digital product you are creating

17. A screen shot of your design or work flow

18. A screen shot of your spreadsheets, organization methods, or content calendar

19. A screenshot of a feature that you recieved

20. A screenshot of a great review someone left for you

21. A picture of whatever food or beverage is getting you through the work day

22. A picture of your pet or kid that’s interrupting your work (in a cute or charming way, of course!)

23. A screen capture video of your inspiration boards that inform your designs, creations or services

24. A picture of the view from your work space (if it’s nice!)

25. A picture of your desk decor

26. A selfie in front of your computer, desk, or workspace

27. A selfie in a coffee shop or of your commute if you work remotely

28. A picture of your “I work for myself” outfit

29. A picture of your planner

30. A picture of your goals board, white board, inspo wall or cork board

31. A picture of your notes, doodles, or sticky notes from a project or client conversation

32. A selfie of you taking it easy after a long day of hustling!

Alright, that should hold you over! Many of these ideas could be used for multiple photos, so I suggest you take a bunch at once, and save them up to post on those days when you Just. Can’t. Even.

Remember, social media requires consistency for potential clients to keep following along with you! Hopefully, this list will make it a lot easier!