Useful tips for getting out of overwhelm - my upcoming guest post for Define Your Hustle

I have some really exciting news to share with you guys!

I'm going to be doing a guest post for another Rachel - she runs a fantastic blog called Define Your Hustle! It's all about running your blog as a business, and all the in's and outs of blogging.

Rachel has been blogging for a long time, and she shares her knowledge of analytics, branding, social media, strategy, content creation and so much more on Define Your Hustle! As a communications major, she's super qualified in this space.

When I was discussing blog post topics with Rachel, she mentioned that a lot of her readers struggle with juggling a job, family, social life, side hustle... all the things that driven, motivated go getters struggle with.

Well, I've got a lot to say about that topic - so I pitched her an blog post called My top 8 tips for getting from “I’m not gonna make it” to “I’ve got this!”

She loved the idea and thought it would resonate well with her readers!

And because I'm so extra, I made some custom illustrations for the blog post! Here's look at one of them - can you feel the stress vibes? I know you can! XD

My teenage son looked over my shoulder while I was drawing this and asked "Is that me?" I was like.... maybe.....

My teenage son looked over my shoulder while I was drawing this and asked "Is that me?" I was like.... maybe.....

I've definitely struggled with managing a full life for... well, most of my life. I was a young, single mom for most of my life. Now I'm a youngish married mom. I've always worked while taking care of my sons, even while I was in college - and I've always had some kind of side hustle (or 3) that I'm working on. 

While it isn't always easy, over the years I've developed some skills, habits and mindsets that help me keep it all running (more or less) smoothly. I'm one of the most productive, and happy people I know. My friends frequently ask me how I get so much done... 

So I wrote out the things that I do that I feel are the most impactful in my life. My guest post on Define Your Hustle is going live tomorrow!

If you're struggling with keeping it all together - if you feel tired and overwhelmed - if your to-do list seems like it never ends - You should head over to Rachel's blog and check it out!

While you're there, I encourage you to stick around and read some of Rachel's other content. I also signed up for her mailing list. I'm a mailing list junkie - I love it when people send me helpful content and cools stories to my email inbox. I like to read all my newsletters with coffee in the morning!

I also love reading other people's blogs. Rachel has been blogging for 7 years, so she has a lot of great blog posts. A lot of them are really action oriented, tips and tricks for social media, blogging, and productivity. All that stuff is great, but I also like personal stories. This blog post by Rachel was really meaningful to me. 


Although life has been difficult and tiring at times, I've always been blessed by good health. I have a deep respect for the people I know who carry on, making shit happen and generally being awesome people, despite chronic illnesses. I love her positive attitude. So inspiring!

So hop on over, check out Define Your Hustle, and keep an eye out for my guest post!