5 Helpful and interesting links for blogging, design and social media

Hey guys, I am cheating on this blog post and instead of writing up something unique and amazing for you, I am going to give you a list of some great articles and resources I found this week.

The reason is, I'm super busy this week. My startup just got notice that we've been invited for round 2 of the vetting process to be accepted into Matter VC, a venture capital backed accelerator program. We have to crunch this week and get a lot of stuff done for the 3 presentations we need to give them on November 10!!

But not to worry, I've saved 5 useful and interesting articles for you to read about a variety of topics about design, branding, blogging, and social media!

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However, these articles are all great resources that I found super interesting and helpful! I'm always on the lookout for good resources, tips and practical advice myself so I am happy to spread it around when I find it. 

Here they are - 5 useful and interesting links for blogging, design and social media!

1. What Makes A good Logo by Charm Creative

This article goes over what makes a logo good - the way it impacts the brand story, makes a positive impression in our mind, and why some logos are timeless. 

2. Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing by Zoe Linda

I found this article today and It's very in depth! I just started affiliate marketing with Creative Market and Skillshare, two services I love and use. I've made a little income from them, which is a positive encouragement - but I'm always up for more knowledge! 

3. 30 Beautiful Freebies That Will Help You Create Better Projects on Medium

Here's a great mockup and assets freebie list I found on Medium! I'm always looking for mockups to display designs. This list has a bunch of absolutely gorgeous ones ranging from Iphones and Apple watches to beautiful gradients, phone backgrounds, UI kits - all kinds of things!

4. How to Build a Thriving Community Around Your Brand - Elle&Co

This is one I'm really interested in! I love communicating with people and I'm really active on my Facebook groups and in the forums on Creative Market. However, I struggle a lot with getting better engagement on Instagram and here on the blog. Lauren always has the best tips and ideas on her blog.

5. 5 Business Tools Worth Every Penny by Becky Mollenkamp

We are all trying to save money! However, sometimes it's better to spend on a useful tool that makes you life so much easier. I personally have a few I can't do without - ConvetKit being one of them. I've gotten to the point in my business where I need to start looking at a few more of Becky's suggestions as well! 

I hope you find these articles as interesting as I did! And let me know in comments if you like this kind of post - I read all kinds of articles and blog posts every week, and I'll be happy to share them with you guys!