How to use mood board templates for Photoshop beginners

I really like mood boards  - I use them for planning my look for the upcoming season, feeling out new styles and color schemes, and planning my sewing calendar.

There are a variety of ways to make mood boards, but I think mood board templates are the most fun and useful.

A mood board template is a pre-made collage that you can add images to, making a professional looking layout every time.

They can be created in different programs, but the most common are Photoshop and Illustrator. I like Photoshop templates, and I’ve created 3 free mood board templates that are easy to use for Photoshop beginners.

I've made 3 easy to use Photoshop mood board templates for creating fun style inspiration collages. I've included a video tutorial to show you what to do!

I've made 3 easy to use Photoshop mood board templates for creating fun style inspiration collages. I've included a video tutorial to show you what to do!

Mood board templates are great because you can create a gorgeous looking collage without having to stress and worry about layout - which takes away from the fun of collecting images. For instance, I love using Polyvore to create mood boards, but it can be annoying to use and sometimes my layouts end up looking messy.

I’ve been thinking of what I want to sew for my fall wardrobe, so mood boards are on my mind right now. I really wanted to make some mood boards to use for myself, and I realized that it would be easy and fun to share them so that my friends could use them as well. (Who doesn’t love making mood boards, amirite?)

You can get mood board templates in a bunch of places- there are many to be found on Pinterest and Creative Market. Some are free, and some are for sale. I’ve used other people’s and some have been quite easy to use, and some have been difficult - not set up in a very user friendly way.

I’m a proficient Photoshop user, having been doing digital art and graphic design daily for over a decade, so it’s very annoying to me when other people’s Photoshop files are hard to use. I knew I could make some cute templates and also make them easy for other people to use.

I created 3 templates - all square shaped, so they can be shared on Instagram as well as Pinterest and Facebook.

You can even print them out for a super cute and customized decoration for your bedroom or work space!

You can even print them out for a super cute and customized decoration for your bedroom or work space!

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Mood boards!


Use these mood boards to create gorgeous style inspiration layouts! They are simple to use, even for Photoshop beginners. Share them with your Insta, Facebook or Pinterest followers!

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I created the files with pre-loaded images so that beginners will have a good idea of what to place in each window, as well as numbers for each image window that can be turned off so they won’t show in the final mood board. The pre-loaded images can be turned off or deleted after replacing them with new images.

I've made a video tutorial explaining how to use the mood board templates -

Creating mood boards is super fun, but there’s nothing more dissatisfying than creating a mood board you don’t like. You want to create a design that has a mix of textures but looks visually cohesive.

Here are a few design tips so that your mood boards look awesome and Pinterest-worthy every time -

  1. Use a mix of fashion, lifestyle, color, and texture images. I like to use an even mix of full-length fashion images, accessory/hair images, color/texture images, and lifestyle images. For instance, If I have a board with 10 images, I might use 2 full length outfits, 1 pair of shoes, 1 shot of hair, 1 accessory like a bag, watch, or necklace, 2 plain colors, 2 textures or patterns, and one flower. This creates visual variety.

  2. Keep your color scheme simple. Pick 3 colors maximum for the images. Try to keep the majority of each individual image you pick within the color scheme. This will create visual cohesion when you view the board as a whole.

  3. Use repeating elements. Say you have a girl in a polka dot dress. Use a polka dot pattern for one of the windows, and try to use circular shapes again in another window. Repeating elements are visually pleasing and help create a feeling of unity in the design.

  4. Mix up the layout of the images. Don’t put all the fashion images right next to each other - try to space out the different types of images so there is an even mix across the board. The only exception to this is that sometimes the colors look nice when arranged side by side.

Mood boards are easy to share and people love looking at them - I often save other people's mood boards for my own inspiration! 

If you’re just starting out creating mood boards, I think you’ll find it as fun and useful as I do! It can be a nice relaxing activity or you can use it for a more practical purpose, such as planning what you want to wear next season.

If you’re a mood board veteran, I think you’ll find these templates a nice addition to your collection. I hope no matter what level of Photoshop user/mood board creator you are, you’ll leave me a comment or shoot me an email to let me know what you think! I’d love to see your mood board creations as well so please share them with me!