How to use the alignment tools in Canva to make better layouts

One of the funny things about life is that no matter how much you know about something, there's always a new thing to learn about it.

The other day I was designing in Canva and I noticed a new set of tools in my Arrange panel. 

There were a bunch of alignment tools that I've never seen! (But definitely always wanted!)

I do a lot of my designing for clients in Photoshop and Illustrator, and one of the standard features is the alignment tools. They allow you to align multiple objects to each other in different ways. I always wondered why Canva didn't have them. 

As it turns out, Canva does have alignment tools! They are just kind of hidden. Let me show you where they are and how to use them!

Canva alignment tools.jpg

So, to get the alignment tools option, you first have to group objects together. Not just select multiple objects, but select and group them via the "group" option in your upper right toolbar.

Only after you've grouped them will the extra alignment tools show up under your "Arrange" option. 

This is not a user friendly feature IMO. Sorry, Canva. I love you, but this is confusing! Why make this feature hidden, or only visible during a certain action? None of the industry standard design tools work like this. For any other design tool, you can align objects by simply selecting multiple objects at once.

I went ahead and made a short video showing how to locate the align tools, and how to use them as well.

I'm really glad I discovered these alignment tools, because they make life so much easier. It's fine to use Canva's automatic purple gridline if you are only trying to align a few items, but for creating accurate layouts for documents such as workbooks and resumes, it's not ideal! Having the "real" align tools will make it much easier.

As I said, it's funny how you can always learn something new! That's one of my favorite things about life. If you stay curious and don't get hung up on what you don't know, lots of new things present themselves!

I hope this video was helpful for you! Unless you already knew about these alignment tools, and I'm the last one to catch on! Let me know in comments if you already knew about these, or if this was new to you as well!