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Hey guys! I tried to write this post this morning before work, but my internet just wouldn't cooperate. I was late for work anyways, with nothing to show for it! So annoying.

I've been working with a business coach, and guys, it is amazing. After our intake session, she sent me a Google Doc welcome packet and I was blown away by how professional and valuable the information she gave me was.

I knew I could level her game up even more if I created a branded Canva template for her use, however. That she could easily customize it for other clients, and have that extra edge of having branded assets. So I made her one.

She was so happy, and I was happy to do it for her. I decided to create some some free Canva client welcome package templates to share here on the blog!

You can get my free client welcome package Canva templates for coaches below!

You can get my free client welcome package Canva templates for coaches below!

I created two different template variations, with girly, floral themes. One is a soft, feminine style, and the other is a pretty woodlands design. 

You can download my free Canva welcome package templates for clients below! These easy to use templates will help you present a very professional and delightful client intake experience. 

The nice thing about the Canva templates is that they are fully editable, so you can change them to whatever colors you want, swap out the design elements, or add your own logo if you like.

Each template has instructions as the filler text, so you will know how to use the different template pages.

Style 1 is a soft, feminine design that's a pale pink with watercolor floral elements.


Style 2 is a gentle woodlands theme, with pale green colors and watercolor foliage. 

Both templates include 6 page styles. 

1. A introductory, welcome page.

2. A client expectations page.

3. A current/future state snapshot and goal setting page.

4. A roadmap/action steps page.

5. A resource list page.

6. An encouragement/closing page. 

All of these pages can be easily duplicated if you need to add more information to a category. The templates can be downloaded and sent to your client as a PDF, or even printed and handed out as a beautiful bonus.

In order to get both templates, simply sign up here and I will shoot them to your inbox. You will need to be signed in to your Canva account to use the templates.

There's one very important step I need to tell you about though -

In order for you to have your own copy of my template that's saved to your own Canva account, you will need to make a copy of the template. Otherwise, you are just editing my template and you won't own it.

To make your own copy of the template, simply open the template via the link I sent out, and then go to the "file" option in the upper left hand. In the dropdown menu, hit "make a copy." 

And that's all there is to it! Remember, if you don't take this step, you won't have your own copy.

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