How to use Hotkeys in Canva to make designing easier and faster

Everyone wants to make their lives easier, right? No one goes around saying, “ I sure wish my daily tasks were harder to get through, and took longer!” Maybe some people do I guess.

But you probably want to make things easier to do! People find all kinds of ways to add little shortcuts to the things they do. And this is why developers make Hotkeys for the programs they create.

Hotkeys, or keyboard shortcuts, are combinations of keys that, when pressed simultaneously, trigger an action in the program you are using.

Most people are familiar with the universal hotkeys of CTRL C, or copy text/item and CTRL V, or paste text/item. These work in every program and internet browser.

Design programs have their own massive hotkey lists to make designing tasks faster and easier, and Canva is no exception. Today I’ve prepared a list of all the Canva hotkeys! And bonus, I created a sweet infographic of all of the hotkey combos for you to save to your design Pinterest board!


Exhaustive testing

Of all the Canva hotkeys I could find!

I decided to create this Canva hotkey list as a resource because someone in a Facebook group I’m a part of requested it. I put up a post asking for Canva class ideas for the Skillshare class I’m going to be creating this month. I can’t really make a class on hotkeys, since Skillshare is a project based classroom model… but it was a really good request, so I decided to make a blog post.

I went searching for a list of the Canva hotkeys, with the idea of just compiling them here for my readers. I found some different blog posts that had non-comprehensive lists, and one post from the Canva Design School, which is Canva’s blog. It has an infographic with (supposedly) all of the hotkeys on it. However, I as I was reading through it, I noticed a few errors… some of them are marked incorrectly. Also, when I started testing the combos in my Canva, some of them didn’t work for me at all. So I think that the list has changed since 2014. (I actually think that one of the hotkey combos that didn’t work broke my Bluetooth settings, and I spent 2 hours today trying to fix it, but that’s another story.)

Anyways, there is clearly a need for an infographic that’s labeled correctly, with all of the working hotkeys on it. So I made one.

The complete guide to Canva hotkeys by MakingSomethingRad.png

Hotkeys can make your life a lot easier.

They take a little bit of getting used to, but as soon as you start using them, you will never go back. You can really shave time off of your designing when you can just push a few buttons instead of having to drag your mouse to a menu and click on something. Like I said, you probably already use some common hotkeys - just pick a few new ones to start practicing with, and add more slowly as you learn them! I like to put sticky notes with the hotkeys I’m trying to learn next to my computer.

Here’s a list of all the Canva hotkeys, tested by me -

Ctrl + C = Copy element

Ctrl + V = Paste element

Ctrl + G = Group elements

Ctrl + Shift + G = Ungroup elements

Ctrl + Z = Undo

Ctrl + Shift + Z = Redo

Esc = Deselect

Delete = Delete element

Shift + Mouse Click = Add to selection

Alt + Drag with mouse = Copy that element (doesn’t work on groups or multiple elements)

Ctrl + T = Add text

Ctrl + Shift + K = Capitalize all text

Ctrl + Shift + L = Align text to the left

Ctrl + Shift + R = Align text to the right

Ctrl + Shift + Center = Align text to the center

Alt + Shift + B = Add border to text box

Arrow key = Move element 1 pixel in that direction

Shift + Arrow key = Move element 10 pixels in that direction

Ctrl + Alt + Bracket key = select next or previous element

Ctrl = Bracket key + Up or Down button = Move element forwards or backwards on layer

Ctrl + or - + Zoom screen in or out

That’s all the Canva hotkeys I know that work! I found some other ones, but as I said, I tested them multiple times with no results. If I missed any, or you know of other Canva hotkeys that I haven’t included, let me know in comments and I’ll update the list!

Also, if this is helpful to you, let me know! I love Canva and I make a lot of Canva tutorials. As I said, I’m creating a Skillshare class on Canva this month, so if you want to get updates about that, sign up here!