Make your Canva designs unique with these watercolor crystals!

We all know making designs in Canva is fun and easy with Canva's templates and asset library. There's a ton of free photo and illustration assets to make your designs beautiful

However, there are limits to the Canva library. I know that sometimes I can't find a good option for a design I want to make. And, sometimes the assets I want to use are paid! I don't mind paying of the assets from time to time, but it can add up if I want to use more than one in a design, and I want to download that design multiple times or share it with someone.

I have a workaround, however. I'm an artist, so I make my own assets and upload them to my custom library!

Like these pretty watercolor crystals that I painted last weekend! I made scanned them in and made some asset freebies for you guys!

Watercolor crystals, so hot right now.

Watercolor crystals, so hot right now.

I made these crystals for myself to use after I couldn't find any good free ones in the Canva asset library.  I figured that other people would really like them too! Crystals are a huge trend right now. Everyone's designing with them because they are pretty. :3

There are 5 different colorful watercolor assets for you to play with! 

I made these watercolor crystal assets by painting them, and then scanning them and cutting them out in Photoshop. 

Funny story - I painted these and then left them to dry on my desk when I went to bed. When I woke up in the morning, I found little kitty cat prints in watercolor on my paper! Luckily, my cat didn't disturb any of the designs... I guess she just wanted to help!

These are perfect for creating magical, artistic designs. You can use them for posters, flyers, branding, invitations, or cards - whatever you want, really! 

5 watercolor crystal assets to use in Canva -

These assets are PNG's which means that they have transparent backgrounds. This gives them a realistic watercolor look and feel in your designs. 

Here's a great tip for using these watercolor crystals in your designs -

Adjust the opacity so that they are slightly transparent. This will give them a very ethereal feeling, and makes them really nice for layering with other images and text! I've used the technique in the design below.

Use layering in Canva to create beautiful images

If you want to use them in your own designs, you can download them here! You'll also be subscribed to my email list - which is awesome, so you should be happy. I share my projects and thoughts, and freebies with my readers.


All you have to do is check your email for the download. There will be a .zip file inside. Right click on it and extract all - this will create an "unzipped" folder with the PNG assets inside.

Open your Canva dashboard. Create a new design. On the left hand side toolbar, there will be an option on the very bottom that says "Uploads." Hit this and there will be a green button that says "upload your own images." Click the button and you will get an option to upload! Navigate to the folder with the crystal images, and select them all. Now they will be uploaded to your Canva! You can use them whenever you want!

Get em!


These watercolor crystal assets will make your Canva designs magical!

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I would LOVE to see the designs you create with these! Please share them with me - you can post a link to your designs in Canva here in comments, or share them to the Making Something Rad facebook page!