How to make trendy geode illustrations with watercolor markers

Today I’ve made a little tutorial for you guys. I’m going to show you how to make a lovely illustration of geodes using watercolor markers

 Rocks, crystals and geodes are super trendy right now! These illustrations are very easy to make, even for beginners! They are also fun and relaxing.

These illustrations are very simple to make because it’s a formula of repeating shapes and a simple technique of blending colors.

It’s very soothing to make the illustrations as well - you can really zone out! I like to make these kinds of colorful illustrations when I just need a little break from the hectic pace of life.

You can use these geode illustrations for all kinds of things - wall art, cards, web design elements - whatever you want. I’ve made them into a repeat pattern that I use in my blog’s branding images, as well as my desktop background. 

I made a repeating pattern in Photoshop that I use for my branding!

I made a repeating pattern in Photoshop that I use for my branding!

Let’s talk about supplies. You don’t need much - all you need is a regular #2 pencil, some watercolor markers, and some smooth, thick paper such as bristol or mixed media paper.

I use both Tombow and Zig watercolor markers. I use Strathmore or Canson paper, both are good brands. I just buy them at Michael’s or you can also pick them up on Amazon.

These watercolor markers are one of my all time favorite tools. For one thing, they are super portable. It’s much easier to carry them around and draw at coffee shops than it is to carry around watercolors, even a small kit. The blending markers work great to blend the colors, but you can also use a small brush dipped in water to blend. There are a big variety of colors as well!

A couple of things to keep in mind - these don’t work exactly like watercolors. You can’t use wet in wet techniques. You can only draw on dry paper and then wet them afterwards. The blending pen can get a little dirty and make your gradient muddy if you go from a dark or bright color to a lighter shade. I recommend wiping it off on an extra scrap of paper before switching colors - or on the inside of my sketchbook cover, like I do.

I’ve made a video tutorial to show you the process. I apologize in advance, because I shot this quickly after work before everyone came home! I think you can hear my dog barking and my kid yelling at his video game, haha! I am definitely learning how to best film myself doing artwork for tutorials, so I’ll work on finding better angles and lighting.

I encourage you to get creative! You can really play around with a lot of different color blends. You can totally add gold leaf, glitter, or other embellishments too!

If you're able to make a repeating pattern like I did, you can use them for your desktop wallpaper, you could print fabric or even real wallpaper or gift wrap on Spoonflower! I also think they would make a really cool banner if you printed them out large, cut them out, and strung them onto a string. 

I would love to see your geode illustrations! Please share them with me on the Making Something Rad Facebook page. And please comment here or email me if you have any questions or comments about the tutorial, or working with the watercolor markers!