How to make a beautiful client welcome package in Canva

My free downloadable client welcome package templates are hands down the most popular freebie I’ve ever made. People love them! And that makes me super happy, because I love helping people out.

That’s why when Skillshare reached out to me about taking part in the new teacher training program...

I decided to make my first Skillshare class on how to make a beautiful client welcome package using Canva!

Well, I’m so excited to announce that my Skillshare class is now live!

Create a beautiful client welcome package using Canva

This is so exciting for me, because I love both Skillshare and Canva! It’s amazing that I get to put the two together and create my very own Skillshare class.

Skillshare also gave me an awesome affiliate link!

Anyone who signs up for a Premium Skillshare account through my link gets 2 months for free!

I think that’s a pretty awesome deal. I love Skillshare and I’ve found the Premium account to be worth it - for one thing, it’s only $15 a month if you pay monthly, or $99 if you pay annually. I’ve taken so many amazing classes on Skillshare, and there’s a few teachers I follow religiously and watch every single class they make.

Anyways, back to my class!

As I said, my client welcome package downloads have been incredibly popular. However, I knew it would be even more valuable if I was able to teach people how to make them.

Here’s a peek at my Skillshare class - How to make beautiful client welcome packages in Canva!

You can check out the rest of the class here!

I’ve tried to make this class as easy and achievable as possible. It’s not super long - only 26 minutes so it won’t be an overwhelming project. You can have a client welcome package of your own in no time!

In this class, I go over what Canva is and why it’s so great for non-designers. I also go over what a client welcome package is and why it’s useful for small service based businesses and coaches.

A client welcome package can really up-level your client experience and make your clients more confidant and assured about working with you! It’s a nice touch that always impresses clients.

I’ll walk you step by step through creating a client welcome package design that you can re-create. I go over what content to add to each page, and I share a Google doc swipe file of content writing prompts that you can copy and paste. All you have to do is delete my content and plug in your own!

Worried that your welcome package won’t look professional because you aren’t a trained designer? Have a hard time picking colors? Completely clueless about fonts? Don’t worry - I share my Pinterest board of design inspiration, as well as Canva’s tools for creating flawless color palettes and font pairings.

I’ve tried to make it as user-friendly and fun as possible for my students to take the class! So click on over to Skillshare and sign up!

You can sign up for my class here!

Here’s a true, funny story about this Skillshare class!

If you’re a blog reader, you know that I started planning to make this class about a month ago, right after I got the invitation from Skillshare to participate in the teacher training. After going back and forth a little bit about what subject to teach, I settled on the client welcome packages. Well, as a reader, you’ll also know I’ve been insanely busy this month, and so this project got pushed aside again and again. Well, on Friday I got an email that the deadline to publish a class was Saturday…. At midnight. Crap! I didn’t have ANYTHING except the outline done. So I literally woke up on Saturday and started working on my class. I planned it out, shot all the video, edited the video, created the Pinterest board, made all the graphics and class module images, and uploaded the videos. It took me about 10 hours in all! But I totally got it in and published under the deadline. I ALSO got an illustration finished and the last draft of a guest blog post I’m writing sent off! (More on that later!) AND I got this blog post written.

And THAT, my friends, is how you HUSTLE!

I would LOVE to see your finished client welcome package project in my class! And as always, feel free to ask my any questions here in my blog comments.