I'm going to teach a Skillshare Class on Canva!

Today's blog post is going to be short and sweet. I've got my finger in many pies right now, creating content and chatting with clients and a buisness coach - so I can't make a nice tutorial blog post right now! Tonight I will shoot the continuation of my "How to read a sewing pattern" mini-series and explain how to read the pattern itself and the instruction booklet.

But in the meantime, I wanted to share some exciting news! You all know I am a huge fan of Skillshare... I love taking different art and design classes.

Well, Skillshare is hosting a free teacher training, starting next month! They sent me an email inviting me to join in and learn how to make a Skillshare class.

I'm so excited to take the Skillshare teacher training!

I'm so excited to take the Skillshare teacher training!

I'm beyond excited! One of my goals I have for Making Something Rad is to teach people skills through tutorials and workshops. I've tossed around several ideas for how to make paid content as well as free content. Skillshare is an excellent way for me to offer paid classes.

Because they have such a beautiful and easy to use website, I won't have to do the work of trying to craft a similar setup on my own website. I can simply make classes and share them here. I am constantly impressed by the quality of the Skillshare classes and teachers, so it's very exciting to get training in the methods and processes they use. I expect I will have an amazing class by the end of the training, which is one month.

I've been brainstorming what topic I want to make my first class about. I was worried that I would only be able to teach on one topic. I know a lot about design, art, and sewing, and I like to teach on all those topics.

However, I learned that I can teach on multiple topics so this is quite perfect! And since that avenue is open to me, I think I will shift Making Something Rad back to a more multi-topic blog. (Last week I pivoted to more sewing based, because I was thinking that was the only topic I would monitize.) 

That's the nice thing about having a blog such as this in the early stages, I can shift and change it with my evolving concepts.

I tossed around ideas for different sewing related classes, but those are more time consuming and require more equipment than a design-focused class. Also, to shoot video for sewing projects, I need good light, space, and quiet, all three of which are in short supply at my house right now. So I decided in the end to teach a design class.

I will teach a Canva-related topic for my first class. Skillshare classes are project based, not theoretical. I know I can lead a class through a nice Canva project so they have a beautiful and useful media asset by the end of it. Canva is so popular for creative entrepreneurs and non designers, and I just love it.

There are a few topics I could make a class on. Please leave me a comment and let me know your favorite!

1. How to make a poster for your event or business

2. How to make matching social media headers for your Facebook, Pinterest, and Youtube

3. How to set up your branding in Canva so all of your designs match

These are all pretty simple topics, but for a first class, I want to keep the topic simple and focus on making it really clean and easy to understand.

The teacher training begins September first, and I'll have a finished class by the end of September! I will be so excited to share with you guys.

I'll keep you posted with updates about how the class is going, and of course I'll share when I complete the training and post my first class on Skillshare!